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How to Stay HIPAA-Compliant

Following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), all healthcare organizations dealing with protected health information (PHI) must adhere to specific regulations. These regulations encompass a lot of areas, including employee training standards, physical security, access protocols, and cybersecurity measures. If your organization is found to be negligent or experiences a data […]

What Counts as Protected Health Information (PHI)?

Protecting sensitive patient information has become more important than ever due to recent IT advancements and associated risks such as hacking and malware. Massive penalties await healthcare companies like you if the protected health information (PHI) you handle is breached and leaked. In addition to seeking HIPAA compliance consulting, proactively knowing what counts as PHI […]

Common Ways You May Be Violating HIPAA

Many companies in the healthcare industry, including you, might be violating HIPAA regulations in one way or another. If the Office for Civil Rights detects these violations during audits, you’re in for hefty penalties—both legal and financial. HIPAA standards are challenging to follow as they evolve continuously. This makes it similarly harder to keep up […]

All about Hazardous Chemicals and Hazard Communication

  From disinfecting sterilants and cleaning agents to toxic drugs and laboratory reagents, the typical work environment in the healthcare sector is chock-full of potentially harmful materials. So if you own a medical, dental, or veterinary practice, you’re probably aware that handling certain hazardous chemicals and toxic substances comes with the territory. The question is, […]

OSHA Guidelines for Ergonomics in the medical workplace

Work-related musculoskeletal disorder, or MSD, is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace, not only for employees but also for employers. This is especially true in the healthcare sector, where repetitive lifting of patients or other similar activities often leads to occupational injuries, resulting in pain, discomfort, and high costs. The good thing is […]

All About Infectious Disease Control

People who work in the healthcare sector are often exposed to a wide range of infectious agents, from TB and MRSA to influenza and COVID-19. This is true whether they have face-to-face interactions with patients or perform ancillary tasks in a laboratory and other similar settings. So if you run a medical, dental, or even […]