With our OSHA programs, any OSHA inspection resulting in fines,
we'll pay them.

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Physicians resource offers personalized, site-specific service
designed for each client’s facility at the clients location.

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Keeping up with OSHA is a full-time job as OSHA is constantly changing their regulations and specifications. We can bring your facility fully up to OSHA compliance, and then keep you updated every year. We are a hands on company. You will have guaranteed protection with our OSHA program. If you are inspected by OSHA, and that inspection results in a fine, then we will pay the fine for you. read more »



The intent of HIPAA is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system, standardize the interchanges of administrative and financial transactions, and protect the security and confidentiality of health information. read more »

CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Our trainers are certified through the American Heart Association™ and Participants will cover through discussion and hands-on sessions on Adult CPR, one and two person rescue Child & Infant CPR, Foreign body airway obstruction, recognition and removal and several other critical topics. Read more »

And More

Compliance consulting for many industries

  • Compliance for Sports Facilities & Veterinary Facilities
  • CPR and Basic Life Support training through the American Heart Association.
  • Inoculation services
  • Monitoring badges
    Please call Physicians’s Resource  at 1-800-615-1729 if you have a special need.

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CPR Training

for Safety | Assurance | Compliance

The tools we hope we never have to use, are also the ones most vital to learn and master in case of emergency situations in the workplace. Physician’s Resource has a catalog of programs, and we work to find the best fit for your office. All trainers are certified through the American Heart Association®.

Participants cover through discussion and hands on sessions Adult CPR, Child CPR, Foreign Body Airway Obstruction & other applicable techniques and topics.

Physicians Resource specializes in OSHA & HIPAA compliance for practices in any medical fields

Compliance Consulting that evolves as your practice does.

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Dental Practices

Dental and Orthodontic practice have trusted Physician’s Resource for years to help create a compliant, hygienic, and safe work environment for both their patients as well as the vital medical staff.

Medical Clinics

From neighborhood family doctors, to larger private practices, Physicians Resource provides scalable and customizable solutions for OSHA, HIPAA, and CPR compliance. read more »

Vision & Optometry

In the fast paced world of emergency medicine, a solid groundwork of safeguards and training for OSHA & HIPAA related compliances is absolutely vital. read more »

Veterinary Care

The professionals who care for and treat our beloved pets work in an environment that falls under many OSHA and material handling regulations that must to be followed in order to create a safe, and efficient veterinary practice.

Many other medical providers are protected, and held to HIPAA standards such as optometry, mental health facilities, and any other organization that handles protected health information (PHI). Physicians Resource works with any and all of these facilities to provide compliance consultation, training, and more.

Top Rated service and support from a experienced compliance team

Our Guarantee: *If you lease a complete set of manuals and contract with Physician’s Resource to perform all of the services to ensure that your practice complies with OSHA, then Physician’s Resource will reimburse you should you incur any monetary penalty as a result of strict adherence to our written materials, service, or advice.