Physician's Resource consultants are available every day by phone to offer advice, fill requests or give information.
Written OSHA Compliance Manual
The manuals will be customized to each client and shall contain:
  • Program Overview Section
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Exposure Control Plan
  • Tuberculosis Exposure Control Plan
  • Accident Prevention Plan including Violence in the Workplace Guidelines
Material Safety Data Sheet Manual
These manuals shall contain:
  • MSDS's for all chemicals located in the facility
  • Initial or updated MSDS’s as requested
  • Alphabetical MSDS index for all chemicals
Safety Committee Manual
These manuals shall contain:
  • Topics to be discussed during monthly Safety Committee Meetings
  • Tabs behind which staff can easily store the required monthly meeting minutes
  • Forms to easily record monthly minutes
Site Training
  • On-site "live" training by one of our trainers. This training will cover all aspects of the OSHA Compliance Standards for your entire staff and will be provided on an annual basis as required by OSHA.
  • Every "new" employee will be trained using the Employee Training Kit upon initial hire and then will be required to attend the "live" annual training.
Employee Training Kit
  • A OSHA Coordinator Checklist
  • Training information
  • Employee Quiz
  • Documentation Forms
  • Certificate of Training
Secondary Container Labels
Labels for all secondary containers will be supplied as needed
All required State and Federal posters would be furnished to your facility